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Once apon a time, Courtney Trouble made a promise to themselves. A promise to some day put out an image of a fat person doing suspension bondage. To show a fat person in bondage that represented not only BDSM, rope culture, and eroticism – but also something symbolic of fat hatred and body policing, how it separates ourselves from our bodies. Time went by and by and by and nothing came out, the world remained devoid of these images. Until now. Courtney’s wish came true because one of her all time favorite photographers (no really, like of ALL TIME) offered to take them – of her. A huge thank you to Damon Pierce for the incredible rope work, and to everyone on set who made Mz. Trouble’s first rope suspension a memory to last all time! And, it wont be the last, as Courtney’s got a thirst for more hard core, plus size bondage.

See the entire set at IndiePornRevolution.Com

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A few useful tricks and ideas for selfbondage..  ;)

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Anonymous asked:
Did you enjoy the nose bondage Eric Cain had you in?

Yes! I did!  I actually requested them before the shoot :)  It was kind of funny, when he first put them in I cursed myself for the request.  But once they settled in, I enjoyed the sensation and pressure a lot!

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was wondering if you are able to make enough money to live on comfortably by being a professional submissive. Because normal professions don't seem to be working out for me, and I love subbing..

I do make enough money but I will warn you that A LOT more goes into this job than just subbing.  I have had a lot of women ask me for advice on how to start doing this as a profession and I’ve just recently made a choice to not take those questions on anymore because there is so much that goes into doing this, I honestly don’t have the time to explain it all.  But just know that actually the majority of your time will not be spent subbing, but taking phone calls and emails, advertising, networking, organizing, etc…  It took about two years for me to really feel in the swing of this job and I’m still learning.  I’m not trying to discourage you, but I know that when I started I had no idea that I was basically starting my own business, and that it would be a lot more work than I thought it would be!